Emboss Dies

We produce two main types of embossing dies. Single level emboss dies are 2D and etched on magnesium. CNC emboss dies are multi-level 3D emboss dies, machined on aluminium or brass. Both can be supplied with or without counter-forces. We have many years of experience in producing bespoke high quality embossing dies for the print finishing industry.


Different depths for different uses

With so many different variables, every job’s requirements can be different. We take into account board thickness, board finish, type of press, and make ready type. We work closely with our customers to help you get the best possible results from their embossing.


Our resin counter-forces are produced using the highest quality materials and the care taken in our preparation means that our forces don’t de-laminate or warp.

Mounting Options

We offer various mounting options, including

  • 20 degree bevelled edges
  • straight cut edges
  • stepped edges
  • countersunk mounting holes
  • stepped recess mounting holes


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