Foil Dies

We offer 2 main types of flat foil dies, Chemically Etched Magnesium, and CNC Machined Brass.

16g Magnesium dies are our most affordable dies while CNC machined solid brass dies offer the durability needed for longer print runs.

Chemically Etched Magnesium.

Chemically etched Magnesium Foil dies are the traditional method of producing Hot Foil dies. We can provide

  • flat foil
  • double etched foil
  • textured foil

Chemically etched magnesium foil dies are available in the following thicknesses

  • 3 Gauge (1/4″, 6.35mm)
  • 8 Gauge (4mm)
  • 12 Gauge (2.5mm)
  • 16 Gauge (1.63mm)

Texture books are available on request, we can also originate textures.

CNC Machined Brass.

CNC Machined Brass Dies are suitable for longer print runs (10,000+ impressions). We supply in either 6.35mm solid brass, or 6.35mm laminated brass. Our laminated brass provides the same great surface wear capabilities while reducing the cost by using an aluminium base plate. The maximum depth of background clearance for laminated dies is 1mm.

Mounting Options

We offer various mounting options, including

  • 20 degree bevelled edges
  • straight cut edges
  • stepped edges
  • countersunk mounting holes
  • stepped recess mounting holes

Sending Artwork to Us

Files should be supplied right reading, black on white(black area to foil) and at the correct size.

Pixel based files should be a minimum of 600dpi

Vector based files should have all text converted to outlines and all artwork should have fill only and no outline stroke.

For Foiling Dies:

Tel: 0113 236 1155


We use Royal Mail first class when possible with P&P starting at just £3.00.

For heavier packages we often use couriers to keep the price down.