Fluted Foil Dies

Our fluted foil dies or combi dies are the perfect solution for hot foil printing detailed emboss and foil in one pass. These dies are predominately used for high end packaging and wherever a luxury feel is required. There are no misalignment issues  as the emboss and foil processes are carried out at the same time.

The emboss is shallower than a standard emboss to allow the foil can get right into all the detail. Fluted foil dies are produced on 1/4″ brass.


Our resin counter-forces are produced using the highest quality materials and the care taken in our preparation means that our forces don’t de-laminate or warp. A force-plate needs to be machined for us to produce the counterforce for fluted foils. This means that we can easily produce another counterforce at a later date if required.

We’ve completely overhauled the process for our location pin system. Our new method means that the pin holes positioned perfectly every time. This means faster make ready times for your press operators and the perfect result every time.

We still use our excellent custom made nylon pins as our customers have told us that’s what they prefer. The pins won’t damage the die if they are left on the plate by mistake.

Mounting Options

We offer various mounting options, including

  • 20 degree bevelled edges
  • straight cut edges
  • stepped edges
  • countersunk mounting holes
  • stepped recess mounting holes

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